Class of 2018 gifts a statue to the school


Jersie Cox, Staff Reporter

Graduation is right around the corner, and to celebrate the anniversary of its 100th graduating class, Ritenour High School received a gift of a husky statue from the 2018 Senior Class Officers on May 22.

The people in Charge of this gift being made are Senior Class Officers Rihanna Sanders, Eduardo Gomez, Tiffany Dinh, and Reine Zossoungbo.

The main purpose of the gift is for all of the seniors to leave their footprint, or paw print, on the school.  The class officers believe that the statue will be a good memory for when seniors graduate, and a fitting celebration of Ritenour’s 100 graduation milestone.

The class of 2018 wanted to give something to Ritenour before they left. All officers had ideas for what their gift could be, but the final idea of making a husky statue was from class president Tiffany Dinh.

“The class gift is important because it symbolizes the class of 2018 and our hardships and struggles that we have gone through,” Dinh said.

The statue’s other purpose is to inspire future class generations to make their own class gift and to leave their husky paw print at Ritenour, as well to inspire other classes.

The statue will be in the shape of a husky, and will be located around the auditorium area for everyone to see and enjoy.  The class officers should have the gift fully completed for the school to view by the end of next month.

“I really think that the seniors are doing a good thing for Ritenour High School’s reputation, We are underestimated a lot for our reputation, so it will really help our school’s morale and show other districts how much pride we truly have. It is a grand milestone and should be special,” freshman Sammy Lewis said.

The officers hope that the gift will show to the community and other schools that Ritenour shows great husky pride.

Ritenour High School Seniors are now leaving their final paw print, but as they walk the halls for the last final times they will be remembered and their hard work with the statue; and that they gladly put time,effort dedication and of course full of Ritenour Husky pride.

“The impact will be that other schools and the community will see that we show pride in our schools,” Dinh said.