Ritenour will install new water fountains by the end of February


One of the locations where the two new water fountains will be installed. One will be installed by the SRO office and one will be by the Costilow Field House.

Tyrell Gilwater, Staff Reporter

News broke recently about Ritenour’s new renovation goals for the future regarding  new water fountains that support water bottles. 

The fountains are being built soon and students and staff around the district are getting excited. Senior Jesse Ruiz is one of the many people

“Mrs. [Ellen] Kim announced it to our class and promoted her water bottles,” Ruiz said.  “This will make filling up water bottles much quicker so less people are going to be waiting around for someone to finish.”

Principal Dr. Jeffrey Marker spoke about what has been happening behind the scenes to make sure these new water fountains are installed towards the end of February. 

“Our school health advisory committee came up with the idea that it would be a great way for our kids to stay hydrated by having water bottles. Kids are able to have water bottles and drink from them as opposed to having to drink from the water fountain,” Marker said. “The Committee contacted the central office Director of Operations, Michael Smith, who is working on getting the volunteer, which we are getting through a grant.”

Kim, who was a member of the committee and is also selling water bottles for these water fountains, came up with this idea and has confirmed where the two locations of the first wave of water fountains are. The first will be outside of the SRO office in the main hall and the second will be directly outside of the Costilow Field House.

When informed about the two locations of the water fountains, Senior Angel Cervantes-Pina supported the idea.

“I feel like the two locations are reasonable.  When you first enter the school, you pass by those two locations and you can quickly fill up your water bottle,” Cervantes-Pina said.  “I believe it will benefit the school because it will help us stay healthy and filling up your water bottle will not take as long as it used to. Let us get more new water fountains!”