RHS Journalism Shines at State Competition

RHS Journalism Shines at State Competition

Missouri Interscholastic Program Association is the state contest for Missouri high school journalist across the state. The competition allows newspaper, yearbook, and broadcast students to submit work created in the current school year. The rankings for students move to All Missouri, Superior, Excellent and Honorable Mention.

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Broadcast Overall                                                    KRHS Sports TV News Staff        KRHS TV News Huskies Sports Zone for Sept 6
Radio/Podcast Promotional Announcement     Coby Nathaniel                              KRHS Radio Bee Club Ad
Radio/Podcast PSA                                                 Obersy Robles                                KRHS Radio Teen Speeding PSA

Radio/Podcast Promotional Announcement     Dazsa Mansco                                 KRHS Radio Robotics Club Promotion
Radio/Podcast Talk Show                                     Cody Nathaniel                                KRHS Radio What Makes A Man A Man?
Broadcast News Feature                                        Ethan Hahn                                     KRHS TV News Emilio Rios: RHS upcoming fashion designer
Broadcast News Story                                            Ethan Hahn                                     KRHS TV News New rules start year at RHS
Online Breaking News Package                            Miranda Martin, Ethan Hahn and Tyler Brewer               Ritenour Live HOSA 9/11
Newspaper/Newsmagazine Entertainment Review           Faith Boyd                      The Pepper Box Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Radio/Podcast News Package                                               Obersy Robles                                 KRHS Radio Snowstorm challenges end of semester
Broadcast News Story                                                             Coby Nathaniel                               KRHS TV News Ritenour challenged by parking lot safety
Online Breaking News Package                                            Obersy Robles                                 Ritenour Live Snowstorm
Newspaper/Newsmagazine Entertainment Review        Caroline Ramos-Herrera              The Pepper Box Joker Review
Newspaper/Newsmagazine Opinion/Editorial                Chloe Pagan                                     The Pepper Box Lungs on fire

Honorable Mention:

Radio/Podcast News Package                       Drew Duda                                                            KRHS Radio A man’s world
Radio/Podcast Overall                                   KRHS Radio Staff                                                 KRHS Radio The grays of diversity
Broadcast News Story                                    Ethan Hahn and Tyler Brewer                           KRHS TV News HOSA celebrates Patriots Day
Broadcast Sports Feature                              Kevin Tyler                                                            KRHS TV News Nyla Adams: Ritenour Track and Field rising star
Broadcast–Overall Newsmagazine             KRHS TV News Staff                                           KRHS TV News Homecoming 2019
Newspaper/Newsmagazine Cartoon/Infographic            Kayla Baker                                  The Pepper Box Whatcha Got There?
Newspaper/Newsmagazine Sports Story     MIranda Martin                                                 The Pepper Box Athletic Pressure (Under Pressure to Perform)