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2014-2015 Staff

Leia Boyd

This is Leia's first semester on the Pepper Box staff

Sean Baker

This is Sean's first year on the Pepper Box staff

Shaquan Brown

This is Shaquan's first semester in the Pepper Box Staff

Sidney Lee

This is Sidney's first semester on the Pepper Box Staff

Morgan Sweeney

Morgan Sweeney, at Ritenour High School, is currently finishing off her senior year in newspaper/journalism. She writes stories for the monthly newspapers published by Ritenour and especially loves to write and share new or exciting...

Ryan Tiefenbruch

This is Ryan's first year on the pepper box staff.  Other than being on the pepper box Ryan is a baseball player for Ritenour high school. Ryan also wishes to attend a local community college.

Deidre Dinkins

This is Deidre's first semester being a part of the PepperBox staff at Ritenour High School. Aside from the PepperBox, Deidre also works backstage on the school's spring and fall plays, and is part of  the school's Science club,...

Sara DeClue

This is Sara's first semester on the Pepper Box. She is also the captain of the Ritenour Speech and Debate team. She plans on studying secondary education after high school.

Kristen Teoli

This is Kristen's third year on the PepperBox staff and was News Editor during the 2013-2014 school year. During the 2014-2015 school year she is the Visual Editor. In the future she wants to go into computer and multimedia graph...

Brittany Mixon

Brittany is in the class of 2015 and is currently a senior. This is her third semester involved in Newspaper, and is now the News Editor.  She joined this class because she loves writing and giving her thoughts. She also...

Ashley Meyer

Ashley is a senior at Ritenour High School. This is her third semester in Journalism and is now the Spotlight Editor.  She is excited to continue to be a part of the Pepper Box staff and contribute her own writing.

Daedra Wallace

This is Daedra's fifth semester in Newspaper/ Journalism, and is the Sports Editor. She is also in charge of the media guides.  She is a senior that plays Varsity basketball. She is an active member of Fellowship of Christian...

Charles Daniels

Charles is a seventeen year-old writer, aspiring actor, producer, and pretty much that cool, chill dude. This is also Charles' forth semester on the PepperBox staff.

Kaylee Houston

Kaylee is a senior and has  been a part of the Pepper Box since her junior year. Kaylee is also the Opinion Editor. Kaylee is also about of leadership and has been since her junior year as well.

Saydee Esparza

Saydee Esparza is 17 , and attends Ritenour  High School. This year on the PepperBox staff she is the Advertising editor. Esparza wants to become a marine biologist and go to college in Sydney, Australia . She is also adopted....

Missy Griffith

Missy Griffith, or Misssay Griff, whatever floats your boat, is the Managing editor this year, she also writes one of the columns. She has been on the PepperBox for 5 semsters and last year was the opinion editor. She has a...

Aeriel Morrow

Aeriel, as in (AIR-re-EL), is a Senior and has been in the PB staff for 5 semesters. This is also her second year as Editor.  Last year she was the Spotlight Editor, and this year she is the Content Editor.   Overall, she i...

Ariella Smith

This is Ariella Smith's third year on the PepperBox staff and has been the Online Editor for 2 years. Other than her work on the PepperBox she is also the Stage Manager for all of Ritenour High School's plays. Smith also plans to...

Ron Steinschriber

Ron Steinschriber has been the Pepper Box adviser since 2009,  and the Melaureus adviser since 2010. Prior to coming to Ritenour, Steinschriber helped create the Wydown Buzz, a student newspaper at Wydown Middle School in...

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