What makes a man, a man?

What makes a man? Is it DNA? Is it testosterone? What about those who are manly because they are more aggressive? Is that what makes a man? Is manhood something that is gained with  challenges or is it achieved by years of knowledge? What about those who are considered to be to effeminate, defined as of a man having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly. How do you characterize those who are born genetically as females but associate to the gender of male? How do they assert to the level of man?

Manhood in different cultures can be clearer then others. Cultures have long held rites of passage for youth males to perform both physical and mental tasks In our present day America, a culture we all assimilate to, no definition, except for age, really helps us to understand when the barrier from boy to man is broken. This is a study of those symbols of manhood in our present day culture, based on different opinions , helping to understand what the modern day man considers a mark of being a man.

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JJ Pitts, Sophomore
Drew Duda, Junior
Joelle Macintosh, Business Teacher
Taylor Manning, Senior
Hoyt Gregory, Varsity Football Coach
Michael Floyd, Social Studies Teacher
Dr. Jeff Marker, Principal
George Lee, Varsity Basketball Coach

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