Heroes Among Us – Thinking about the small things

Sophomore Delinda Nunez writes about a time when her aunt helped her through a difficult time

“I think I was about in sixth grade when I started to feel the pressure of school. Before then, I had enjoyed drifting through elementary school.  By the second quarter and my grades were pretty decent, nothing to really brag about, but when I finally got home every day I always felt drained; like I did not have any enjoyment.

One afternoon, I went to my room to do my homework, when I heard my siblings talking and laughing with my aunt downstairs. I felt all these negative emotions until I heard a knock at my door, it was my aunt. She came in with a cheeky smile. Apparently, my siblings told her about the hard time I was having at school. For hours we talked and she helped me with my work. When we were finally done, I felt better.

My aunt has made a positive impact on me by teaching me small things that I might not really think about. By doing things like helping me do my assignments when I need help, or always trying to get me to smile when I feel sad, she affects my life in a positive way.”

– Sophomore Delinda Nunez


Veronica Susovica

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