Eyes really are the windows to the soul


Allison Madrid, Staff Reporter

Why is eye contact such a big thing? 

When you have to go to an interview, or want to leave a good impression on someone, the first piece of advice is “maintain eye contact.” And when you actually do maintain eye contact you learn so much more about that person. You can watch the exact moment they comprehend something, or you can see when their eyes focus on a particular subject. You learn about what genuinely excites them. Eyes are authentic, and bold and beautiful. Eyes are the best gift given to humans.

I was watching a show the other night, and I couldn’t help but stare at one of the actors. I couldn’t tell what was so beautiful about him. He wasn’t the typical beauty, nor the most phenomenal actor, so, without offense, I was a bit confused as to why I was so captivated by him. It wasn’t until he was staring dead at the camera that I understood why. His eyes were beautiful. They had so much life in them, and they were so warm.

Once I realized I had to look at people’s eyes to feel tension and see emotion, I couldn’t stop looking.

I started looking at the other actors’ eyes and got invested. I started looking more at friend’s and family’s eyes. It was like I had discovered a new side of them. It was like you could truly see them and not just look at them. When you look at people’s eyes, you can communicate with them with more than just your words.

That’s when it hit me that this isn’t just about others, this is about ones-self too. You also have to try to connect with others with your own eyes. The eye contact you make, who you look at, and how long you look at someone during a conversation all factor into becoming a better communicator.

Next time you’re talking to someone, make it a point to look at their eyes. Don’t be creepy of course, but try to genuinely understand that person and watch their eyes. When you don’t focus on yourself and see others instead, the interactions you have become more satisfying and giving. And the easiest way to truly “see” someone is to look at their eyes.