Ritenour Makes Gains on State Performance Standards, Remains Fully Accredited

Michelle Mueller

The Ritenour School District’s 2014 annual performance report in August from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) showed that the district made significant gains and remains fully accredited under the state’s new scoring system.

Using data from the 2013-2014 school year, DESE’s annual performance report showed that Ritenour earned 80.7 percent of the total possible points under the state’s new scoring system, called the Missouri School Improvement Plan – Fifth Cycle (MSIP 5). Last year, which was the first year that MSIP 5 was used to accredit Missouri school districts, Ritenour earned 71.8 percent of total possible points. School districts must earn a minimum of 70 percent of points to achieve full accreditation.

Of the five Missouri performance areas that districts are assessed for accreditation, Ritenour’s greatest gains were in the areas of student attendance and its graduation rate.   In the area of college and career readiness, Ritenour earned the same number of points as it did in 2013.

“Our improvement, especially in student attendance and our graduation rate, is a tribute to the combined efforts of our teachers, administrators, support staff, students and families,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Kilbride.

Dr. Kilbride said he expects that the district will continue to meet and exceed state standards as students and staff work together with parents and community leaders.

“Although we have made great gains during the past year, we still have much work to do to ensure that every student is achieving at high levels every day and is prepared for a college or career upon graduation,” said Dr. Kilbride. “I know with the support we have from our community, we will continue to move in that direction.”