I want candy

Students need to be given better choices for lunch

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I want candy

Charles Daniels, Staff Writer

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School lunch is one thing with which I have never gotten comfortable.

From the same repeating meals, to the jailhouse style taste of it, it is just something I have never truly learned to love.  It would not hurt to add a pinch of seasoning salt to it; I mean that can go a long way.

In my opinion, I believe the old school style of bringing your own lunch is much better than the actual school lunch. It is different, you create it yourself, and it is better for you. Ever since the recent rule Michelle Obama put out making school lunches “better” and “more healthy,” it put even a bigger question mark on my head.

See, they took away the vending machines with the school snacks such as Hostess cupcakes, they also took away the machines that sold soda. They replaced these machines with ones that sold granola bars and healthy drinks.

I completely understand that, but the thing is, if you are going to take those away, why have clubs sell candy and fattening items anyway? I know that there are restrictions, but the items being sold are still more fattening than what is sold at lunch. It defeats the purpose, and what logic does that contain? Oh, I cannot get a cake from the vending machine, but I can buy one from the stands? Also, if a kid is old enough to be responsible enough to hold decent grades, maintain a job, and act more mature, I believe one Twinkie will not hurt.

The cafeteria lunch is okay some days, but the lack of variety makes it really unappealing. Also I highly doubt it is any healthier, unless going home with constant stomach aches and bathroom runs is on your daily diet.

I looked on the Internet and saw schools in different places in our country and around the world that have much more appealing lunches than we do. My point is, instead of putting our budget on big screen TVs and new buildings put it somewhere where it counts. People live off food and it is a shame knowing the main reason kids do not eat lunch is because “it does not look appetizing” or “it is the same thing we had Tuesday.”

Switch it up, teenagers go through so much in this generation at least give us a meal to look forward to throughout the day, because a person can only eat cafeteria food for so long.