Superbowl 50

Royalty Knight, Online writer

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During the Super Bowl, some people come to actually watch the game, some come for the commercials, and others come for the food, but they stay for the halftime show. The halftime show during the Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events in television history.

Honestly, I enjoy the Super Bowl. It’s one of the few days of the year that everyone gets along (to an extent).  It has all the best things, like the three f’s: family, fun, and food. The Super Bowl is like a holiday. My family celebrates it as though it is another festive day to party and be together. I feel like other people treat is as a holiday too.

The Halftime show is what really brings everyone together.  Some of the best performances, such as Beyonce’, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and more have graced the stage. Some people consider that the staple of their career when they perform during the Super Bowl, be it singing the national anthem or doing an entire halftime show, that is when artists have in fact made it big singing career.

The National Anthem is also an unspoken big deal because when done correctly it’s great, but when someone messes up the viewers remember for years after.  This year saw many memorable performances, with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem, and Beyonce’s performance at halftime creating national headlines.

Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem this year at the superbowl and she was amazing. I am not the biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I have to say that she did really well. Speaking of amazing things, the halftime show never disappointed from start to finish.  I was singing along and dancing, and I was just really engaged the whole time. From Coldplay to Bruno Mars to Beyonce and back, the whole performance was just outstanding. I can’t wait until Super Bowl 51.