Blocked in my first attempt

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Blocked in my first attempt

Jordyn Barber, Opinion Editor

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Hello everyone and welcome to the most magnificent column since, well, since last year.

I mean, come on now, they only gave me this space because the ridiculously talented seniors graduated. Either way, I will be talking about the beautiful hideousness of writer’s block so prepare yourself to get lost.

Before we jump in, I must inform you of two things. I am very opinionated. Like, it should be considered a disease to be this passionate. However, I would rather not argue about what should already be known, so just accept that life is filled with opinions and mine just happens to be the one you’re dying to read.

Next up, I am absolutely confident… that I am not confident. My words may seem believable and certain of themselves, but I might as well let you to know now that I am never sure of myself. I am convinced it takes the ability to doubt yourself to truly reach success.

So let us get right into it, shall we?

My very first column will be about how I could not get a single idea for my very first column.

Yes, I am without a story, and as I sit here addressing a nonexistent prompt, I wonder if these words are the right ones to use. Are they snarky enough? Do they make you think? Probably not.

Are you now thinking I talked myself up just to send my credibility to the ground? Well yes, you are correct. I figured writing a killer intro may possibly cover my thick layer of incompetence to come.

I feel incapable of doing this, and with the stress of the deadline ahead, I know my words will be practically meaningless. It is ridiculous how much I want to impress you all, but my thoughts just continue to ramble on instead of doing so. My brain picks itself apart looking for ideas and in the process tears me to pieces.

With a blockage like this, creativity is a thing of the past. The metaphors turn into random words and the random words into blank pages.

Writer’s block can, however, be dealt with. I cannot say all of these things I am about to mention have worked for me, but maybe they can work for you.

Maybe you could take a break. I clearly need to take a little bit of a break, but I know I’ll come back strong next issue.

You could outline your work before you write. Of course, when you are this blocked, an outline of nothing is still nothing.

Finally, you can listen to something creative from your favorite musician. This could help get the creativity flowing and break you from the spell of writer’s block.