“Living Hispanic in America” Podcast Series




KRHS Media student, Israel Rendon, investigates the stories behind living Hispanic in the United States today.

Episode 1:

Rendon starts with an introduction to his own life. From moving between borders and family, he offers his own American tale of an Hispanic living in this country.


Episode 2:

Rendon opens this series by discussing the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept 15 – Oct 15. He looks for answers in the current events that are effecting the culture in America with the recent political discussions on Deferred Action from Deportation (DACA) and the DREAM Act.


Episode 3:

Finally, Rendon shares his opinion on the state of Hispanic culture in the American class hierarchy. His episode https://krhsmedia.podbean.com/e/living-hispanic-in-america-classicism-is-the-new-racisim/ shares personal feelings on how the system of classicism is the form of racism he experiences.