Anaya Walker Completes Novel For Nanowrimo

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Anaya Walker Completes Novel For Nanowrimo

Quynh Trinh, Staff Reporter

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During November, Junior Anaya Walker wrote over 50 thousand words to compete in Nanowrimo, also known as National Novel Writing Month, a novel writing competition.


Walker describes her novel as a romance.


“[Romance] is the topic I like to write about. It’s a story about a girl who is trying to learn about her feelings because she is part of the LGBT community. She starts liking this girl and she’s trying to figure out how to get [the girl],” said Walker.


To get to her goal of 50 thousand words, Walker set small goals for herself each day.


“I kept saying I had to write 2000 words every day or more, and when I failed them, I was very sad I had to write more words the next day,” said Walker.


She loves writing and viewed Nanowrimo as motivation for her to finish a novel. This is not the only novel Walker has written, but it is the one she has stuck with and she has high hopes for.


“I hope I can follow my outline and do what it says instead of going off track because if I do, I’m going to be lost. There’s this website and I hope I can publish it there,” said Walker.


Though Walker is interested in writing as a career, she believes she will keep it as a hobby.


“I have looked into journalism, but I don’t want to be writing things other people want me to. I want to try a writing career, but most likely I will find another career and do writing on the side unless my writing career takes off before then,” Walker said.

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