You Don’t Know My Story- Junior Jada Freeman


Mackenzie Davis, Staff Reporter

“Behind every person lies a story”

Ritenour High School believes that for each person there is a story. That we don’t know what the other person is going through so we must not judge others. We are sharing stories of students and staff, not to be a voyeur into others pain, but to show that we all deserve some compassion.

Junior Jada Freeman

“My highest point was when I came out to my mom and went to pride with her the following summer. I was living a lie with the person I care about the most, so when I finally came out as bi, I felt all my stress and self-doubt disappear (at least for a while).

My lowest point was when my mom was in the hospital for an abscess inside of her. She was in pain for months and I couldn’t do anything for her; she only got worse until my aunt took her to the hospital. Then she was in and out of the hospital until we could convince the insurance company to pay for the surgery she needed and even then I had to face the fact that my mother could die if something happened, and it almost did.”