Ritenour Hall of Fame Petition for Mr. Nolen

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Ritenour Hall of Fame Petition for Mr. Nolen

Caroline Wong, Staff Reporter

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What started as a joke between Drew Duda and Jordan Fritzsche has gained over 700 signatures in a petition to put Activities Director Jerry Nolen into Ritenour’s Hall of Fame.

The petition  “Get Jerry Nolen In The Ritenour Hall of Fame” was created in January of 2019 and has spread rapidly through social media.

“My wife pointed [the petition] out to me on Facebook,” Nolen said.

Duda and Fritzsche expected to only receive around 100 signatures after creating the petition but were astounded to receive more than 700 signatures after a couple of weeks.

“I thought it was going to be a little thing to show appreciation, but now it has actually turned into something serious,” Duda said.

The petition is filled with many encouraging comments and reasons listed on the petition from staff, students, and alumni; one of which was left by Social Studies teacher Jason Spurgeon.

“He truly bleeds the black and orange of Ritenour High School and deserves every possible recognition that this district, administrators, teachers, parents, and students can give him,” Spurgeon said.

With the 43 years, Nolen has contributed to the Ritenour district, he is humbled about the number of people who feel he is worthy to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“It is really quite an honor that all those people feel the way they do about me,” Nolen said.

Duda and Fritzsche are confident that Nolen will definitely make it into the Hall of Fame because of his experience and the people he interacts with.

“The school knows who Nolen is and how long he’s been here and just the nomination committee will see this [petition],” Duda said.

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