Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships


Teacher Christina Melly-Andrade aids in demonstrating a lesson to Markus Warren.

Alberto Linares-Cervantes, Staff Reporter

When the thought of relationships come to mind, usually student-teacher relationships are not at the top of the list. Although, many do not examine the value of a good student-teacher relationship; the bonds formed inside a school environment create an impact on not only students but also teachers.

My experience with student-teacher relationships has been unique. When I feel comfortable in a classroom environment, I am personally more: outgoing, talkative, and confident. I am not always this type of person in classrooms I will admit. I believe student-teacher relationships help students such as myself and others to come out of their shell when they enjoy the teacher’s friendliness and personality.

Junior Armand Zossoungbo a student here at Ritenour gave his opinion on what a student teacher relationship should look like.

“I believe a teacher-student relationship should involve a teacher going out of their way voluntarily to aid a student. Even if the student may not be getting their work done. Also, teachers should try to be aware when a student is behaving off and ask if they are okay,” said Zossoungbo.

Often I see that students and teachers do not treat each other equally with respect. To build the foundation of a good relationship both sides need to realize the other’s struggles.

Math Teacher Penni Martin has this to say about her opinion on student-teacher relationships.

“I believe there should be mutual respect between students and teachers; however, I think the student needs to realize that the teacher does hold some authority,” said Martin.

I agree that teachers hold authority and students should respect their authority. Teachers are there to teach, to give us the skills to use in real life. Although, many students believe that many of the skills taught within classrooms will not be useful in the real world; I believe the practical classes such as stagecraft and the engineering classes can be of real use in a career. I think students should adopt more of a treat others how you would want to be treated mentality. This not only fixes the respect issue seen often in classrooms between a teacher and student, can allow relationships to form and grow, enhancing a student’s learning experience.