HOSA celebrates Patriots Day in Ritenour community

Staff and students deliver lunches to area first responders

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HOSA celebrates Patriots Day in Ritenour community

Ethan Hahn and Tyler Brewer

Miranda Martin, Staff reporter

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On Wednesday, September 11, HOSA sponsor Krisstin Swyres took some of her students out into the community to deliver lunches to first responders for Patriots Day.

The group went to police and fire stations within the Ritenour School District to honor First Responders for their service. 

The culinary students, led by Keri Hohl and Nina Ballman, took part in the food prep, and HOSA members, with support from Principal Jeff Marker, brought the lunches and posters to the firehouses and police stations.

“A celebration of our first responders has taken place over the past four to five years with Mrs. Hohl leading the food prep and, Ms. Palmer and Leadership hosting the event.  HOSA came on board rather quickly this year since some of those students are interested in a career as a paramedic or EMT,” Swyres said. 

Marker took sophomore Gabriela Rojo, junior Jordan Fritzsche, and senior Joscelin Weaver to Community Fire Houses 1 and 2, and police stations in Overland and St. John. Swyres took senior Emma Bange, junior Kristyn Bills, and sophomore Theresa Ostoff to Community Fire House 3, and police stations in Woodson Terrace, Edmundson, Breckenridge Hills, and St. Ann.

¨(The first responders) got really excited and they thought it was pretty cool,” Bange said. “I do not think they were expecting it, so all their faces were like  ‘Woah! Is this for us?’”

Swyres believed that this event was a good way to give back to the community. She agreed with Bange that the first responders were grateful, humble and excited by the deliveries. 

As a club sponsor, I witnessed RHS students sharing their time and energy with the community.  It was a proud moment to watch our ‘kids’ give back to people in their own neighborhood,” Swyres said. 

Swyres also noted that the staff and students were just as excited by the deliveries as the first responders were. 

“Since we were also able to tour some of the facilities and vehicles, there was also a lot of giddiness about seeing holding cells and fire trucks up close,” Swyres said.