Ritenour guitar teacher, Tyler Elder, releases new single

Peter Tran, Staff Reporter

Tyler Elder, guitar teacher at Ritenour High School, has  released a new single to Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms. 

Though known for teaching students how to play guitar, Elder, whose stage name is Tyler Dale, has taken his talents to music platforms with his latest single “Another Taste.”  This is the second single he has released, as he previously released his first song, “Colorado Kiss”, an upbeat country style song that tells a story of traveling the country on a motorcycle and seeking love. 

Elder’s inspiration for the song came from hearing a recording of the track.

 “One of the bass players that I work with, Eric Warren, sent me a recording of a track he was working on with no lyrics and told me to write lyrics and finish the song.  When I first heard the track, I immediately envisioned riding my motorcycle to Colorado,” Elder said.

Although the release of these tracks was unexpected to Ritenour staff and students, Elder and his sister Kristen Anne, have been performing throughout the midwest for the past decade under various band names such as “Thicker than Water”, “Leland’s Road”, “Wildfire”, and currently “Tyler Dale & Kristen Anne”. 

Elder’s name change is based on his family.

Dale is my middle name and was the name of my grandfather, Dale Leland Sater” Elder stated. 

While he is shown being the only artist on “Colorado Kiss”, he does not do everything alone. While he is the main writer of all his songs, he has stated that he has several co-writers that will be featured throughout the year.  Names given by Dale consisted of Kristen Anne, Joanna Serenko, and Logan Miller.

“Logan Miller, an incredible musician and songwriter who is a worship leader at Waypoint church, is helping me produce each song. The two of us get together and record demos of my songs and send them to the other musicians to learn,” Elder said.

Elder has already come up with a plan for 2020 stating that he will be dropping a song every single month. Along with the scheduled release dates, he already has shows lined up for the year. He will be performing at venues such as  Westport Social, Helen Fitzgeralds, Ballpark Village, Tin Roof, Game 6, different casinos throughout the area, and many more. 

“I just wanted to write a fun upbeat song that told a story about someone traveling the country on their motorcycle and finding love,” Elder said.

Click HERE for Dale’s YouTube channel