Life Lessons – Emma Gaither


Jessica Murillo, Staff Reporter

“With every story, there’s a lesson”

Ritenour High School believes that for each person there lies a story. Each story teaches us a lesson to help us continue to push us through life, no matter how hard it gets. We are sharing the lessons of students and staff to encourage compassion and recognize what life has taught us.

Junior Emma Gaither

“In first grade, it was clear I was ahead of my grade and time. Since I was understanding the material quickly and wanted to do more challenging and advanced things, my parents and teachers talked about me possibly skipping second grade and head straight to third. When proposing the idea to the school board, they did not think it was a great idea and did not believe that I had all the requirements to skip second grade. Eventually, word got around and my favorite principal wanted to help. He eventually made it to where it was crucial that I should be moved straight to third grade. I learned from that if you want to be successful in anything big or small, you have to push until it happens. Push yourself to get up and fight for what is best for you.”