Some people tired of stay-at-home order


Ron Steinschriber

Cars lind up at the Starbucks drive thru in Manchester. The stay home order has not stopped people from trying to find senses of normalcy at places like Starbucks.

Christopher Campos, Staff Reporter

Missouri officially ordered a stay-at-home order as of April 6, and was scheduled to end April 26. Due to fluctuations in the COVID-19 pandemic, St Louis has extended this order indefinitely. 

Some people are starting to tire of the order, believing that it is acceptable to go back in public since the previous measures have worked so well.  Others, like senior Angel Cervantes, are just tired of staying in their houses all day with limited contact

“Humans need that connection with society; a touch. Not being able to hear someone’s voice while being face to face is depressing to people,” Cervantes said. 

This past weekend crowds of people continued to gather at the South County Ronnie’s Plaza, partying on top of cars and enjoying their lives. 

The number of people gathered and outside of their cars in such close proximity to each other put every single person at risk. Missouri’s order to stay six feet from each other was broken, even though the order was placed to attempt to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

This is not the only time people in the community have broken the order. It continues to be a problem, a problem that had to be addressed and caused authorities to close down public parks where large crowds would continue to gather. 

Senior Brian Bautista is concerned about those still getting together in groups and disregarding the stay-at-home order. 

“Just be safe, be careful, and take care of yourself at all times,” Bautista said.  

In addition to the large crowds gathering at Ronnie’s Plaza, protests have begun in many states to lift stay-at-home orders, including one that took place at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City. 

Junior Kaila Anderson believes that if individuals continue to congregate and go against what the state has ordered, it could cause even greater problems. 

“If this continues we might go through another depression because the stocks are not doing really well. There are many risks involved if people don’t follow the stay at home lockdown,” Anderson said. 

The stay-at-home order will be reevaluated in a couple of weeks by Mayor Lyda Krewson. However, by the looks of it, it could be another couple of weeks before it is lifted.