Quarantine photo journal – Kaitlyn Broomfield


A view that helps Kaitlyn Broomfield deal when there is too much senior year stress.

Kaitlyn Broomfield, Staff Reporter

I thought senior year would go differently. I had originally planned during my freshman year for senior year to be fun yet challenging. While this year was fun, it was also, instead of challenging, the most stressful school year for me to date. I learned a lot, laughed a lot, and stayed up until three in the morning a lot, and sometimes did not sleep at all, but even with all those aspects of this school year I cannot help but feel robbed. I have been waiting for this year for so long just to have it end early. While I understand the cancelations of events for safety reasons, I just wish there was some way to participate in the things I missed out on.

On another note of this past year, I felt that I was starting to truly build connections with people. These bonds are what has kept me going this past year through, especially with the promise of a new dumb joke each day. It saddens me that these relationships were weakened so quickly with everything ending so much earlier than originally planned. When you are someone who does not like to make deep connections, it is hard when people you built strong bonds with are barely in your life anymore.  Even with all the negatives, I will remember this year fondly. I met some amazing people, tried new things, and had fun while it lasted.