Virtual Learning: a families experience

When a family is expected to learn from home how does that affect them?


Ritenour school district spent several months putting together learning plans for students who will be attending school through a national pandemic. The district officially returned to schools on August 31 for the 2020-2021 school year. In July, it was announced that Ritenour School District Pre-K-12, will be fully virtual until numbers in the St. Louis County area were contained for COVID transmission.

This is one family’s story of how they felt and what they did to learn through this unprecedented learning within their home.

Senior Tamia McMullen shares her and her family member’s stories. Including, Omar Mack, a third-grader at Iveland Elementary, and single mother Tiffany Pittman, to see how this has all touched their lives when the decision was made to learn from home for all grade levels.


Click here to hear Ritenour HS Senior Tamia McMullen

Senior Tamia McMullen shares how virtual learning has been working better for her than expected.
Senior Tamia McMullen enjoys not having to get ready for school in the morning.












Click here to hear Iveland Elementary 3rd grader Omar Mack

Omar Mack, 3rd Grade at Iveland Elementary, describes his experience with virtual learning.
Omar Mack, 3rd Grade at Iveland Elementary works from home in his own space.









Click here to hear Ritenour Parent Tiffany Pittman

Mother Tiffany Pittman shares how she had no concerns with Virtual Learning.
Tiffany Pittman is the parent of Senior Tamia McMullen and 3rd grader Omar Mack who are learning from home at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.