Students find new ways to celebrate Halloween



Families have tried to do more decorating and celebrating inside of homes due to COVID, since trick or treating can be dangerous.

Deaunzze Trotter, Staff Reporter

With the pandemic raging, and Halloween coming, many people are lost as to what to do.

There are ways to be safe and also have fun, but door to door trick or treating is not the safest. Health experts say haunted houses and trick or treating heighten the risk of spreading COVID-19 and should be avoided.

But there are more ways to celebrate other than that.

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health created a chart of low to high risk Halloween activities regarding COVID-19. Green, which is low risk, includes doing any activities at home. Yellow, which is risky, includes anything with a small group of people. Red is high risk,and includes any large gathering, and trick-or-treating.

Instead of partaking in the normal haunted house or Six Flags Fright Fest this Halloween, people will have to find other remote ways to celebrate. There are multiple ways for county residents to celebrate this year’s Halloween safely. 

A movie at home would suffice, or even an at-home scavenger hunt with the family could be fun. Some Ritenour students are following these guidelines to be safe, while also having sun. Senior Syann Finerson sets the perfect example of safely celebrating Halloween with a low risk activity.

“I plan on carving pumpkins and decorating cookies with my boyfriend in my backyard. My little brothers are probably just going to eat candy in the house and watch movies,” Finerson said.

Even an at-home trick or treat activity is an alternative. Senior Trinity Williams plans on doing just that with her family.

“I’m doing an in-home trick or treat for my nephews, since COVID is stopping us from going out and doing it,” Williams said.

For those people who absolutely feel that they cannot stay at home on Halloween, they are being advised to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and people around them. Senior Jaiana Whitfield warned people to stay safe.

“Put on your mask, so you can be protected on Halloween. There are going to be large groups out, so stay safe,” Whitfield said.