Alternate Halloween options


Darleen Garcia, Sports Editor

This year’s holiday will be looking a lot different from any year before. 

The holiday that will be impacted the most due to Covid-19 will be Halloween. Children will not be able to enjoy getting dressed up and going house to house to get free candy. 

Halloween is the first of the fall holiday that everyone is looking forward to. With everything that has been going on this year everyone just wants to at least be able to enjoy the holidays and go to haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and trick or treating like any year before covid-19.

While there has not been a law stating trick or treating is prohibited, Dr. Alex Garza who is the head of St.Louis task force, suggests what we should do. Individuals have been suggested to individually wrap the treats and have them be placed at the end of peoples driveway. This will help keep children socially distant from each other while collecting candy. This will also help house owners be able to be part of Halloween but also conduct safety procedures. 

While that does not sound like the most exciting idea, here are a few other options that we could have to still get in the spirit of Halloween. 

Another option that we could do during Halloween that will be helpful is having various floats dedicated to Halloween going around the neighborhoods throwing candy to the children. This could bring our community together by having our firefighters and policemen dressed up on the floats throwing the candy. 

 Although we have some restrictions to our Halloween this year many schools have had events going on through their social media accounts. KRHS did this here, and they had students upload a picture of them in costumes or of their carved pumpkins to be voted by others. They included prizes such as gift cards or tickets to Six Flags. 

Not being able to trick-or-treat has been the last straw due to the Covid scenario because we are starting to see how COVID is impacting us and how our holidays this year will be completely different from what we’ve seen or done in past years.