COVID starts to affect winter holidays


Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Many people are changing holiday plans, including wearing masks this year, due to COVID.

Ashley Bryant, Staff Reporter

The winter holidays are right around the counter. With the COVID-19 numbers rising, some people are wondering what they will do for the holidays. Some people are staying the same and some people are taking extra precautions. 

Junior Jayden Bock states that her family members are all taking Covid tests before the holidays and because they will be around families that are high risk, they will all be social distancing and wearing masks. 

We are taking extra precautions. Since we will be around my grandparents everyone has to get COVID tested prior to the holiday, adults will be socially distanced in the living room and kids will be socially distanced in the family room, there is only going to be one person serving the food, and obviously, everyone is going to be wearing a mask when they’re not eating,” Bock says. 

The CDC has no recommendation for how many people should be in a small gathering, St. Louis county has asked people to try to limit their social bubble to 10 people, and limit gatherings to 10 people or less. While some people are having as many people as they want, other people are limiting how many people they see when the holidays approach. 

Senior Emma Wallace says they are limiting how many people are going to be over for Christmas. They usually have over 50 people, but this year they will be limiting that number down. 

“If we are to celebrate Christmas together my family is definitely limiting the people that are coming, compared to previous years where we would have gatherings sometimes of 50+ people. This year it would only be immediate family and significant others.” Wallace states. 

The winter holidays tend to focus on family gatherings, which often involves being with family and spending quality family time. When these activities are taken away from people due to the pandemic, it can really affect mental health and skew how people look at the holidays. 

Sophomore Karis Key says her family is looking at the holidays a lot different now. Her family brings her so much joy and due to COVID, she can not see them. 

“At the holidays my family looks a lot different now because we will not be with our family and my family really brings me joy. This year we are doing a zoom call instead of being with each other on Christmas Eve. Even though it is better than nothing, it will not be the same,” Key said.