Homecoming festivities set to return for first time in two years


Ashton Miller

As Ritenour gets ready for Homecoming this Saturday, many students are looking forward to the festivities. 

Unlike last year, Ritenour will be having Homecoming. There will be a parade, football game, and dance. The parade will take place on Saturday morning, the football game will be in the afternoon, and the dance will start in the evening. 

As September 25 draws closer, students are ready to celebrate. Senior Caroline Slunaker is excited about Homecoming being back this year. 

¨Honestly, I’m just glad we’re able to have a dance. This is my last Homecoming, so of course I’m excited about it.” Slunaker said. 

Another senior, René Nelson, is also looking forward to the dance.

“It’s my last Homecoming, and I’m excited to be on Court. This year, I’ve got a date too,” Nelson said. 

While the dance is the main attraction, there is still the Homecoming parade and football game. 

The parade starts at 9 am. It will leave from the high school, go down Orlando, Lackland, and back up Woodson Road. It will end back at the school. 

The theme for the parade is “Ritenour: Back in Action!” Any student interested in watching the parade can go outside and watch as it travels through the streets. 

Shortly after the parade, the football team will be playing Ladue. If students want to attend the game, it starts at 1 pm, and students can pay $5 for a ticket at the gate.  

Finally, there will be the dance, which will be held under the Hollywood theme. The dance begins at 7 pm, and it will end at 10 pm. If students are planning to attend, they should make sure to arrive by 8 pm. 

While students are looking forward to the dance, some still have safety concerns. 

“I feel like people aren’t going to keep their masks on during the dance, and everyone is going to be close together,” Nelson said. 

As a reminder, students who attend the dance are expected to wear their masks at all times while indoors. 

Students who did not buy tickets for the dance can still go out and watch the parade or football game.