Leadership hosts awareness week


Danielle Haynes

The breezeway has been painted with information about each day of Awareness Week.

Ashton Miller, Staff Reporter

Awareness Week begins Monday, November 8th, and each day has a different theme for students to participate in.

Awareness Wek is meant to help increase awareness for certain issues that students deal with. It is an opportunity for students to learn about important issues and what they can do to help. Each day is meant to raise awareness about a new issue.

Senior Leadership student Tess Ostoff believes that Awareness Week is an opportunity for students to express their feelings.

“Awareness Week means being able to express your hardships and receive information about how to help without the feeling of ridicule that you might feel if you were just openly talking about it. Awareness Week is for making people feel seen and helping people feel safe,” Ostoff said.

The theme for Monday will be bullying awareness. Bullying is an issue at high schools across the country. Every year, millions of students in America experience bullying. If a student sees bullying or is being bullied, they should tell a trusted adult.

On Tuesday, the theme will be body positivity awareness. Body positivity is about encouraging people to think positively about the way they look. Raising awareness about body positivity is meant to help people feel more confident about themselves.

Wednesday will be about mental health. Mental health issues can affect anyone. Mental health awareness is meant to help destigmatize mental health disorders. Students in the Ritenour district can access mental health resources on the district’s website.

Thursday will be about promoting suicide awareness. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. Suicide awareness is about helping people feel more comfortable expressing themselves and reaching out for help. There are resources on the district’s website if a student needs to reach out for help.

Lastly, Friday will be Unity Day. Unity Day is about promoting unity within the school. By uniting together, people in the school community can help support each other.

As November 8 approaches, students can expect to see more details about how they can participate in Awareness Week. Senior Leadership student Charlie Farris explained that Leadership will be promoting Awareness Week through social media.

“We’re going to have a really strong presence on social media. We will be posting on the Leadership page and KRHS Media so we’ll have publicity for the school,” Farris said.

As of right now, Leadership has a few plans for engaging students. Alyssa Johnson, the co-sponsor for Leadership, said that planning is complete, but they still need approval from the administration.

“I know they’re planning to do some interactive events coming in the main door and at lunch, but they’re trying to get that approved by the administration first,” Johnson said.

If students do not have access to social media, information will be posted throughout the school. Students will also receive information through their school email.