Dr. Stacey Albin-Wilson – Incumbent candidate for Ritenour Board

Dr. Stacey Albin-Wilson - Incumbent candidate for Ritenour Board

  • Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Committed parent, community member and always looking forward to the future to support our students and educators

  • How are you connected to the district? 

Alumni 1989, Ritenour, Ritenour parent, and community dentist in our district for 20 years

  • What are some pressing issues you think this district is currently facing?

Striving for educational excellence, supporting our students and educators by providing an educational environment that is conducive to quality learning, maintaining and continually improving our buildings, staying on the mark in providing high-quality technology for educators and students.

  • What do you see as the responsibility of a board member to the student body?

The primary responsibility of the board member, who is voted by the Ritenour community, is to ensure our students are provided an excellent education.  Every Student Every Day.

  • What do you value most about the educators in the district?

I value the professional leadership of our educators in our district.  They are the glue that truly holds us together as a district.

  • Why are you running?  Why should people vote for you?

I am running for the Ritenour School Board, as I truly believe that the best way to help our students, teachers and community is by providing leadership that is not only insightful of our past, understands the gravitas of our present, but also looks forward to the endless possibilities of the future.

  • If elected, how would you incorporate your voice amongst the current board members?

My greatest and most humbling experience with working on the board is to completely embrace the importance of collaboration.  Each voice represents a resounding and vitally important component of the how and the what to create new ideas and to think forward to continually strive for the best education possible. It is not about agreeing with each other.  It is about listening from all points of view to understand at a greater level.